Our Story

Follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness.

BE YOU. Uniquely you.

That's what MoonSugar is all about. That's why you're here right?

The world is diverse, lets face it. There's a whole lot of different kinds of things and people and cultures and ways of thinking and doing things.

Sometimes that makes other people uncomfortable. DON'T CONFORM.

Do you, every little bit of you is what makes the world that special place.

LGBTQ? Welcome.

Hetero? Welcome.

Misfit, rebel, alien?

You are WELCOME here. Make yourself at home.

MoonSugar is the home for the alternative soul.

The best way to show someone love is not to try and change them... but to help them reveal who they truly are.

MoonSugar is about showcasing diversity through style and fashion. Let the outside you be a reflection of your true inner you. We're a joint UK/American fashion retailer brand curated by designers with an alternative soul.

So do it. Don't be afraid. Do you.

Uniquely you.